Kimberly Dalius

Kimberly Dalius – Coaching Students, Educators, and Corporate Executives

Kimberly Dalius is a talented leader and a creative consultant.  Over the course of her career, she has worked at all levels of the corporate hierarchy.  Rounding out her corporate experience is the Master of Science. and Mental Health Counseling she received from U Penn in 2012.

Soon after completing her studies, she took on a position with Albright College, working as an Academic Advisor to a wide group of undergraduates including 1st generation students, transfers, athlete’s, as well as the general student population.

However, Next, she joined Pre Inc., taking on the role of executive coach.  Here, Kim offered life coaching and instructions to senior management.  Her task was to increase productivity and foster an environment that facilitated productivity and motivation.

Her coaching career went independent starting in 2015 as Kim built coaching innovations aimed at increasing entrepreneurial productivity.

From 2016 – 2021, Kimberly Dalius established a mindfulness and wellness practice at San Francisco-based Resoltz. Here, she provided online coaching to students at Princeton University.  Her curriculum included success coaching aimed at reducing stress, increasing compassion, and enhancing happiness.

2018 found Kim Dalius at KABC – 790AM in Los Angeles. At the station, she worked with the hosts of a daily sports talk show.  The primary goals – increase sponsorships, develop marketing strategies, and do community outreach.

Since 2018, Kimberly Dalius has been the success coach at USC’s Caruso Catholic Center.  Here, she works with students on a one-to-one basis, as well as in group environments.   At Caruso, she innovated the one and only “coaches’ corner”.    This exhilarating format builds reenactments of stress inducing real life scenarios, playing to the reality of the social media centric world we live in.

However, Kim initiated a remote learning advisory at the Culinary Institute of Miami Dade College in 2019.  Her virtual enrichment learning program is based at The Hospitality Club.  The program puts her in close contact with student officials as well as the student body at large.  Here, she takes full advantage of guest speakers and creates methods for managing mental health issues, putting students on a track for success.

However, Kim Dalius founded Mental Minutes Success Coaching in 2015.  The goal – deploy Success Coaches to help MMSC clients manage the transitions and pressures that life inevitably presents to all of us.  Currently, Mental Minutes has two apps in development.  The first specializes in task completion, and the second is a client to success coach virtual connection tool.

Kimberly Dalius recently signed on with startup MuzicSwipe.  This position places her in the center of the Muzic Mindset program, and prepares it for delivery to the Clubhouse audio chatroom.  She also provides coaching services for musical artists, making certain they maintain focus.

For Kim Dalius, there is still much to do.  One thing is for certain.  This eternal optimist is prepared to meet any challenge head on, build programs to enhance her agenda, and provide her clients with experiences that they will not soon forget.  This is something she looks forward to.

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