Saivian Eric Dalius

2021 is a passé – Explore the 2022 business trends with Saivian Eric Dalius

The world has redefined its calendar – AD, BC, post 9/11 and pre 9/11 and now is Pre and post Covid (pandemic). With the change in numerous areas of life, there is also a colossal change in business and technology. Let’s explore the latest developments of technological changes that would impact 2022 says Saivian Eric Dalius.

Saivian Eric Dalius enlists the top business and technology trends in 2022

Pharmaceutical revolution:

With the pandemic hitting hard, the demand for medication is at its paramount. The covid has shaken the pharmaceutical industry. Similarly Even a small medicine-making company has buckled up to manufacture and test recovery drugs and vaccines, and clinical trials are much faster. There is a revolutionary change in collecting research material and then implementing the same in inventing any drug. Presently, we have the vaccine, but researchers are going out to find treatment for any pulmonary disease like covid.

Remote working and video conferencing:

Communication methods have also undergone revolutionary change. People are looking for simpler and quicker options for communicating and connecting with the world. From laptops to tablets and mobile phones, you have innumerable opportunities to connect. Saivian Eric Dalius gives an example – Found in 2011, Zoom, but until the pandemic hit, it was not popular as much as it is now.

Going contactless:

Whether shopping with self-checkout in supermarkets or ordering online – going contactless is the new norm. People are averting from physical touch for every activity. Ordering food from the restaurant or paying for apparel in the new fashion store via contactless cards is gaining new popularity.

AI, Internet of things, and industrial automation:

The year 2022 shall introduce new terminologies to our IT knowledge – AI and Robotics are to start with. Everything would transform from managing something very petty like a smart washing machine (that does all the laundry with a custom setting on click of the phone) to complete automation of a colossal industry. Saivian Eric Dalius mentions the introduction of self-driving cars, remote medical surgeries, and even controlling a rocket. Micro mobility would boom again. It means the use of electric scooters and bikes instead of cars.

Saivian Eric Dalius points at Education and Healthcare change

Tele medication on boom:

Seeing the doctor over video call and checking the symptoms to pick up the prescription from the nearby pharmacy is how the medication works now. You don’t need to hit the hospital for minor to moderate sickness. Also, more and more private and public healthcare offer treatment (medicines and drugs) over the phone, video conferences, and web services. Also, inventions are going on to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) which would support the diagnosis, administrative works, and other petty healthcare solutions.

Online education:

Even the education system has changed and would remain for a very long time. The pandemic had shut 190 countries globally, and all the students (schools and universities) were switching to online learning. Teachers organized Zoom and Google Meet with students regularly to provide quality education. A lot of new software and applications supported the distance education system.

Although change is the spice of life – but all these alterations have pros and cons. You must make a smart choice before the ‘switch.’