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Eric Dalius Giving- 4 Ways Having an Engaged Workforce Can Improve Company Performance

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Eric Dalius Giving

One of the most common reasons companies are unsuccessful is simply because they have an unengaged workforce says Eric Dalius Giving. Engaged employees are more likely to show up for work, be more productive during their time there, and more willing to go the extra mile to innovate new solutions or solve problems. They are also less likely to leave, which can save you on recruiting costs and on having your best people walk out the door. So how can you engage your employees?

There are four key areas that contribute to making a management strategy successful: setting goals, giving feedback, celebrating success, and providing support.

  • First, set the right goals. Goals are more likely to be achieved if they are specific, measurable, and realistic and have a deadline for completion. It is also helpful to ensure that they match with your company’s overall mission statement, and that they connect directly to the rest of the procedures in place at your company (e.g., if you want employees to work more efficiently towards achieving financial targets, then you should reward employees who use fewer supplies).
  • Second, provide feedback on how well each goal was accomplished. Providing feedback is a key in order to make sure an employee knows how much value there is in meeting or beating their goals. You can  do this  in several ways: offer incentives for people who achieve goals, use company-wide emails or newsletters to let people know about specific goals that were achieved in divisions across the company, and ask employees who reached their goals to teach others how they did it.
  • Third, make celebrating your wins a priority. This is something that can be done at all levels of management. If you are a senior manager congratulate team members who have met their goals by providing public praise in front of their peers or even throwing them a party, but also consider giving smaller rewards like getting someone’s coffee for them later on, sending them flowers for their desk or offering lunch with an executive so they can pick his/her brain about what is going well at the company and where there are opportunities for growth. But don’t forget to celebrate wins at the team level as well says Eric Dalius Giving. You could bring in a cake, order some pizza for everyone or even organize a group outing if it is appropriate.
  • Fourth and finally, make sure you provide support that will help your employees be more successful. When people know they have the necessary tools to do their job, they are more likely to succeed. This can range from offering new classes on how to use complex equipment to giving out free gym memberships. So your staff can stay healthy outside of the office…
  • And there you have it, four ways having an engaged workforce will improve company performance. If you want extra guidance on how to manage your workforce. Please feel free to check out the resume writing service I work with Great Resumes Fast.


Q: How do I know if my employees are engaged?

A:  Employees often tell you whether they are engaged through their daily behavior. If someone is disengaged they may show up to work, but they won’t be particularly productive. They may go to the bathroom at odd times or sneak out of the office early without finishing their tasks. Other subtle signs that someone is having an unengaged day include forgetting to update email signatures. With their contact information or failing to wear company swag on casual Fridays. Finally, when people are really disengaged they will look for another job. This signals that something in the company culture isn’t working and needs immediate attention!

Q: What does an engaged employee look like?

A: An engaged employee is someone who feels like they matter to the company and that their job has a purpose. They feel connected to what goes on around them. And they know how their role contributes to the overall mission of the business. Engaged employees are usually more productive than unengage employees and can often be high performers as well.

Q: What about managers – do we have an impact on engagement?

A: It’s true, management styles can play a huge role. In determining just how engage your workforce might be says Eric Dalius Giving. Many companies use TPI (Total Productive Management) as a model for effective management because it involves balancing four key areas. Setting goals, providing feedback, celebrating success, and providing support.


If you are a manager or business owner – these tips should help you create an engaged workforce. That is more productive and will contribute to your bottom line. If you’re a job seeker, use this information as a way to show employers. That you would be a great addition to their company because of your dedication and focus on company culture!