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What Would a World Without Music Be Like?

Music is used in many different types of media.

Music is all around us. It is in films, TV shows, video games, street corners, grocery stores, restaurants, and even waiting rooms. This artform is so intertwined with our daily lives that it feels impossible to imagine a world without it.

So in this guide, we will try to do the impossible and describe what a world without music would be like.

More Awkward Silence

You might not actively be aware of it, but music is often used to cover up awkward silences in a variety of different situations. For example, news shows play music while their anchors are getting seated or when they’re transitioning to a different scene.

Similarly, someone might play music in their car to avoid being in a quiet setting with a passenger they do not want to converse with.

Less Emotion in Media

They say art is about decorating space while music is about decorating time. Any type of visual media can be spruced up and made more emotional using music. A fast-paced song in a video game will keep you hyped while you are playing a difficult level. Similarly, a somber song in a sad film scene can make the scene feel extra sad.

Omitting music from these media takes away a large part of what makes them impactful. Therefore a world without music would be a world with less emotion.

Fewer Hobbies and Activities to Do

There are dozens of hobbies and activities centered around music. This includes playing an instrument, listening to albums, dancing at clubs, purchasing music at stores, and talking about music. The sight of someone dancing without music would also be extremely strange so it’s safe to say all these activities would cease if the world no longer had any music in it.

Plenty of people also strike up friendships and make connections based on their shared interest in music. People who like punk rock might meet up often and go to punk rock shows together. Those who are into hip-hop might have a weekly meetup where they freestyle rap over beats.

A world without music would have none of these activities, and that doesn’t sound like a pleasant world to live in.

Less Cultural Expression

Music is an important way for different cultures to express themselves. People who grew up in New York’s Bronx area could spread their stories and personal struggles only by rapping and sharing their music with others. Similarly, many groups in India express their deep emotions by playing traditional musical instruments such as the sitar and tabla.

If music didn’t exist, many of these cultures wouldn’t be able to express themselves as they currently are. This would be a shame because the music produced by different cultures reminds us of our universal appreciation for musical sounds.

Cherishing a World With Music

We’re glad to live in a world that is filled with music. This artform enhances our lives in different ways so we should cherish it whenever we can.