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3 Tips for Artists Looking to Release New Music

How to release new music as an independent artist?

With hundreds of new songs being released daily, it can be tough for any artist to break through the congestion and noise of the music industry. The challenge increases manifold if you do not have a big budget or a major label to support your release.

Many times, artists spend a lot of money in producing the music but invest almost no capital on the releases. This reduces their chances of making waves and building a successful career in music and entertainment.

In this blog, we will cover a number of tips and suggestions that every artist, irrespective of status, should focus on before dropping their next release.

Tips for Artists Looking to Release New Music

1)    Take Your Time to Produce Good Music

Oftentimes, artists are so eager to release their music that they do not pay much heed to the quality of their production. It is important to take the time with each release to ensure that it is the very best it can be – particularly as far as the actual product is concerned.

See this from the perspective of a consumer: if you run an ad campaign on an unfinished song, it is unlikely to yield the kind of results you expect. However, if you have a finished product and get your ad positioning right, your promotional campaigns will yield far better results.

2)    Sort out the Paperwork

Once you have completed your track and are ready to release it, it is important to ensure that everything is in order from a logistical viewpoint.

For one, focus on making sure that the legal aspects are appropriately managed prior to, during, and after your release. It is vital to obtain the full rights or a lease to the beats you have used, and clear any audio or samples utilized during the production.

You also need to register with a naming rights company like BMI or ASCAP – this will help with the overall legal procedure of the release. Registering with a rights company also helps ensure that you receive all the income your music generates through streams or purchases.

Keep the paperwork handy at all times in case you need it in the future.

3)    Release the Music Everywhere

Despite what many artists think, it is possible to release music on major platforms even without a record label. Thanks to the decentralization of music, there are many more distribution options available to present-day artists. You have likely already heard of platforms like United Masters, TuneCore, CD Baby, and DistroKid. Every distribution platform has its own unique services, opportunities and, of course, price.

Make sure to explore all available options and choose one that is best aligned with your needs.

As an artist, you need to spread your music on as many platforms as possible. Consumers use numerous music platforms, and your target audience must be able to find you on its preferred ones.

Wrapping Up

Due to the saturation of the music industry, it can be hard to navigate your way as an independent artist.

However, using the steps above will increase your chances of success and observe how your target audience reacts to your new music.