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Eric Dalius – About Us Page

A brilliant mind and a sense of belongingness can be the mark of an individual who has worked hard through their way up and believes in uplifting others. Only a self-assured and caring person can encourage everyone to strengthen others so that nobody has to live in distress or poverty. The marketing magnet and entrepreneur who is the epitome of this is Eric Dalius. Although he is semi-retired, his involvement with Eric Dalius Foundation keeps him going.  Founded in 2018, the foundation is one of the pioneering financial aid works for needy but illustrious students.

After working as a successful marketing professional for two decades and running multiple businesses, he has created quite a lot of wealth. Today, Eric Dalius net worth is skyrocketing. But his philanthropic outlook and charitable heart drive him to invest his assets to fund the number of student grants and scholarship programs he patronizes.

Eric J. Dalius Professional Journey

Eric comes from Miami, Florida. Recognized for his excellence in entrepreneurship in the American business circle, he has achieved many milestones in his life. One of them is his telecommunications consultancy founded in 1994. He enjoyed coaching youngsters about baseball and life despite having busy schedules. Even today, he doesn’t shy away from guiding startups and young generations seeking his rich knowledge, experience, and understanding of the business eco-system. In the 1990s, he had already earned his position as a prosperous businessman after operating different companies.

However, he is not only well-known for his consulting and marketing prowess. His farsightedness and eagerness led him to dabble into the field of real estate as well. He may have announced half-retirement; he still keeps himself updated with the latest technologies, innovations, and trading events, such as – bitcoin. Eric Daliusbitcoin interest is proof that once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.

Eric’s career graph is also as luminous as his entrepreneurial stint. After graduation, he worked as a network marketer, churning more than $10 million in deals. When he worked with MCI Telecom, his marketing mind and untiring spirit made him one of the country’s best sales representatives. Since then, he never looked back. People look upon him for his knowledge, which, as mentioned, doesn’t confine itself within his area of expertise. His work ethic and unrelenting focus on excellence make him the true mogul of skills in every sense.

Eric J. Dalius Personal Journey

Eric Dalius Miami connection is not too hard to understand as his roots lie there. Miami has a special place in his heart which manifests through his philanthropic activities and charities. He completed his undergraduate degree program from Penn State in 1992 with flying colors. As soon as he got his degree, he exposed himself to the job market, attracting lucrative opportunities. With continuous progress and endeavors, he kept climbing up the ladder of success one after another. Still, what differentiates him from others is his attitude toward work-life balance. Despite his commitment to work, Eric never turned away other responsibilities and duties.

A man born with a loving and kind heart; Eric Dalius has always thought about helping others. Even when he was at the peak of his career, his enthusiasm for guiding budding startups and the young population never took a backseat. This intrinsic characteristic of giving back to society serves as the foundation of his entire being and persona. He believes everyone deserves good education because it is the only way individuals can make informed and enlightened decisions. It very well explains why he has launched financial aid programs, such as scholarships and grants for students.

Eric Dalius Scholarship 2021

American students are bright and hardworking. But many fail to complete their degree courses due to poor financial background and expensive fee structures. Since a person’s monetary status should not be a hurdle in their path to success, Eric wants to support the deserving candidates through merit-based financial aid programs. A candidate can earn a $1,000 award through dedication, sharp mind, focus, and honesty. It is an interest-free amount that doesn’t need repayment also. So, the winner of the prize money can easily use it toward their education and associated expenses.

Application procedure

Any student pursuing a marketing and entrepreneurship college degree from a credible American university can be eligible for this. The application should include an original essay of 800 words on the provided topic. There will be an online application form too. The students have to provide relevant and accurate details and send the application with the essay. The one with a unique and profound take on the topic can emerge as the winner and get the money prize in a suitable bank account.

A visionary

EJ Dalius is synonymous with many marketing and entrepreneurial works. He believes and actively supports innovation as a way forward to a successful life. His openness to lead young minds and startups is a rare trait that doesn’t just benefit one or two people but also society. Having a person of this stature and outlook in this competitive world is a gift. Since every entrepreneur needs to evolve and measure up to the circumstances constantly, Eric’s years of experience and knowledge can come as a handy guide to them. And students can turn to him to understand how they can prepare for a better future and uplift their community.

Scarcity of jobs and unemployability are the two significant factors that contribute to financial distress or inequality. Leaving a few exceptions, entrepreneurs can succeed and create jobs in the market armed with proper education and information. Since the youth tends to be naturally dynamic, agile, and eager, they can channel the inner power to break through any obstacle and change the face of their society.

As an entrepreneur and marketer, Eric is well aware of this, and that’s why he would be glad to help and empower them in any way. His wealth of knowledge can be a guiding force for ambitious and aspiring people. He wishes that every achiever should follow the path of philanthropy to help society to progress.