Music genres rural people listen to

What Music Genres Do Rural People Listen to?

People who live in rural areas have unique musical tastes that differ from those in metropolitan areas. While people in cities listen to various genres, those living in rural areas […]

Music is used in many different types of media.

What Would a World Without Music Be Like?

Music is all around us. It is in films, TV shows, video games, street corners, grocery stores, restaurants, and even waiting rooms. This artform is so intertwined with our daily […]

You should perform live to build your musical following.

Why Many Talented Musicians Remain Unsuccessful

Talented musicians are everywhere. Some are born with the gift that gives them an advantage when it comes to playing an instrument. Others become skilled musicians through hundreds of hours […]

Our lives influence our music taste in different ways.

How Our Music Taste Evolves with Age

Every music enthusiast can pinpoint the moment they realized they truly fell in love with music. Some might recall the time their parents took them to their first rock concert. […]