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Transform Casual Listeners into Loyal Fans with These 4 Live Music Streaming Tips

Live music streaming

With live music streaming becoming a popular global resource, there’s always someone wanting to join a session because they feel bored or are in the mood for some music.

This means you have a chance to introduce your talent to random people scrolling through the streaming platform in search of new videos.    

So many music enthusiasts have attested to discovering artists they hadn’t heard before after watching their live stream jam sessions.

You could be one of those artists. 

The big question, however, is: how to ensure you have a good first impression on those casual listeners in order to convert them into devoted fans?

We’ve rounded up the top four tips to help you achieve that. 

4 Live Music Streaming Tips to Build a Loyal Following

1.   Be Yourself

Whether you’re a natural performer or tend to feel self-conscious in front of an online audience, let your real personality shine through.

Viewers in live music streaming always gravitate toward artists they can relate to or feel comfortable watching. If they can make a connection with you and your music, you won’t have to do much to convince them to hang out.    

For many music lovers, nothing’s more endearing than seeing an artist (virtually) in a casual setting like their bedroom or living room and getting an insight into their personality. They love that!

2.   Interact With Viewers

While there may be quite a few introverts watching your live stream who’d be okay with you focusing solely on the music, you must interact with viewers to keep them engaged, so they keep coming back for more.

Ask questions, share stories, and scroll the comments to reply to your viewers to establish a genuine connection with them. Even if not many people throw questions at you, take a few minutes between songs to tell them about yourself, your music, or even how your day went. Keep it short and sweet, and then roll into the next track to create the perfect balance.      

3.   Take Song Requests from the Audience

Another great way to engage with viewers and acknowledge their presence is by asking them to send in song requests. You could do this at the start of the session or check new comments after each song.

Either way, you’ll have a list of songs to play, and the audience will love getting their requests fulfilled!

4.   Ask When You Should Go Live Again

Before you end the live stream, don’t forget to let viewers know you want to do it again and ask them when they’ll be available. Often, people have a particular time they’re free, so you’d want to pick a time in that window.

Whether you wish to go live once a week or every few days, maintaining a consistent schedule will help build a loyal fan base.  

Final Words

As they say, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.”

You can trust yourself to make it a good one if you follow these live music streaming tips and host a session that lets viewers do what they really want. Listen to good music in a fun, light-hearted environment and hang out with fellow music lovers.

Happy streaming!