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Saivian Eric Dalius’s Guide for Understanding the Role of Business Attorney

Starting or running a business is not a cakewalk. For the smooth running of businesses, one needs to have all the required support, whether it is in terms of finances or law says Saivian Eric Dalius. Having business law attorney services will help businessmen during disagreements or conflicts. Business disputes are inevitable; with a business law attorney, you get the following assistance:

Helps in filing a suit

Businesses often have a serious conflict with an employee, vendor, or another entity where filing a suit becomes necessary. Saivian Eric Dalius says with the best business lawyers, you can figure out whether a suit is the only way to resolve the issue or something else could help better. If a court case seems to be the last resort, then the attorney helps with all the necessary paperwork on your behalf and files the initial suit. Handling suits on your own can be a daunting experience; having a professional-looking into the matter is better and convenient.

They are your defense

Lawsuits can defame your brand name and can have adverse effects on your business. To deal with this problem and act as your defense, having a business law attorney is a must. An attorney is aware of when, where, and how to react quickly to any lawsuit filed against the company. A business law attorney goes through all the court filings and suggests to you how to proceed accordingly. An experienced attorney will suggest negotiations to a settlement disagreement to resolve the dispute peacefully.

Correct documentation

When drawing up a legal document for a mutually beneficial contract, lease agreement, or negotiation, all the document details must be correct suggests Saivian Eric Dalius. Missing the contents of a small dot will lead to adversity. The most reputed and top corporate law firm will take care of the drafting by checking all legal papers.

Represents you in the court

To get results in your favor, a business should not head in court alone. Business law attorneys provide a full-spectrum representation to their clients in court. They have the best knowledge of updates and amendments in the laws and defend you accordingly. Whether you want to sue a vendor or are finding a solution to a lawsuit brought by your former employee, these lawyers represent your interest in the best manner possible with logical explanations backed by bylaws in court on your behalf. They also advise you regarding the schedule for your case and minimize the impact that court cases can have on your daily life so that you can keep your complete focus on running your business.

Business conditions do not always remain stagnant. They are transient and sometimes can get businessmen in serious trouble. Having a business law attorney by your side is the best thing to stay secure during rough times.

Certain situations when you may require the help of a business attorney, according to Saivian Eric Dalius

Your business is one of the most common situations to hire a business attorney. Contrary to popular belief, there are so many other situations that occur in the course of running a business that requires expertise. Experienced legal help in this sector consists of situations where writing business contracts are necessary. From business to business or consumer to business, you might need someone to litigate disputes between different parties. Look for a top business law attorney. Here are some situations when you need a business attorney.

Estate situation

This situation is something where both businesses and individuals need an experienced attorney and is necessary to protect the assets for the future. As your business expands, the assembled assets need a place to go in case of sudden death. Since nobody is exempted from passing away, it is necessary to put your assets where you want. For example, if there is no protection, legal requirements in your states can turn your assets into intestacy, which means your assets will go to people you never wanted.

Taxation situation

Many issues such as ownership, growth, and other legal issues can arise while managing a business. A specialized business attorney can help determine whether you should be a limited liability company or a corporation. Besides, they can also help with the client contracts and help them understand it and your business. Other areas such as an acquisition or merger with another business, registering federal trademarks, copyright protection, and so much more also require the help of an experienced attorney.

Criminal law situation

When a business or an employee of that business is charged with a crime, a business law attorney is someone you would desperately want on your side. These attorneys are specialized and experienced with the presiding magistrate and also have good relations with the district attorneys. The business law attorneys have investigators and professional researchers on their payroll that does whatever it takes to prove your case. Besides, they also have access to several other resources that are unavailable to the average citizen. With an experienced business law attorney on your side, you get justice in a court of law.

Intellectual Property Cases

In these cases, your lawyer can help you deal with situations where any of the intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights, or patents have been used by another party without seeking consent from you. A business lawyer will also help you get compensation for any damages caused to your business due to the stealing of your intellectual property. If you are facing a certain case or situation, Saivian Eric Dalius advises you to immediately contact a business lawyer.

Contract Breach

Business owners and people involved in businesses are very familiar with this type of litigation case. Breach of contract is a common yet dire case that, if handled incorrectly, can prove to be extremely costly. Litigation lawyers help organizations that are being impeached for contract breaches. They also help those companies that feel another party has breached a contract.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

These cases do not involve judges or a jury, but an impartial referee referred to as a neutral arbitrator. Both parties involved in such a case decide on having their case judged by a panel of arbitrators. A litigation lawyer will make use of witnesses and other evidence to present before the arbitrators. Whatever the arbitrator or arbitrator’s rule is legally binding on both parties and enforceable in the courts.

Other than these, business attorneys can also help you with family situations and personal injury situations as well. Considering the above situations, you would want to look for the best business attorney.

Saivian Eric Daliu says that When Running a Business, You Need to Have a Specialized Business Attorney by Your Side

The thought of running your own business is certainly exciting. There will be exciting moments for sure when you close a big deal, expand your business, and make huge profits. But do know that business is not all smooth sailing. There will be occasions when you find yourself in a situation where you have no idea whatsoever how to get yourself out of the problem. Often these problems are legal in nature, and having the best business law attorney is the only viable option for you.

These attorneys are well-versed in the matter of business law and can guide you and extract you out of tricky legal trials and other difficulties. To help you understand business law attorneys’ importance, we have listed down some valuable points. Let’s take a look at them.

When starting a business, you should give proper time to set up a business structure. Not paying enough attention to the structure can pose all sorts of legal troubles in the future. You could face liability from sole proprietorship and partnerships. A business lawyer can educate you on the matters of liabilities, taxes, costs of setting up a structure, and what business structure would be suitable for you. Needless to say, the final call is always yours.

No business wants to find itself in needless lawsuits that could have been avoided easily. A business lawyer can make sure you do not face unnecessary lawsuits and work precisely as per state and federal employment laws. Being prepared for troublesome legal matters beforehand saves you from headaches that you might face in the future.


Can we envisage running a business without the involvement of contracts? We certainly can’t. They are important for dealing with employees, customers, vendors, etc. Seeking help from the best attorney services can help you create contracts that include every important detail. Such services can also help you with transactions regarding which you are confused as to whether they should be turned into a contract or not.

Everything unique to your business should always be carefully protected, such as product designs, original works, inventions, etc. Intellectual property can be protected with the help of a business lawyer so that you stay competitive in the industry. A business law attorney can help you preserve legal rights to your original creations.

Get in touch with services that offer legal business advice and assistance. You will not regret using such a service as its value will become evident as soon as you hire them.

Guide to Business Lawyer Cost and Service Charge

Law firms are the type of businesses that are only interested in making a profit. Legal fees are oftentimes decided on the current market trends. If the standard minimum amount asked/charged by the lawyer comes close to the $200 bracket, most other lawyers will also charge the same or sometimes even more than that. Business litigation lawyers have certain expenses that they are obliged to pay, which primarily includes payroll for secretaries, paralegals, and other professionals and rent and utilities for the office space. Lawyers are smart, and they take all these expenses into consideration when deciding their rates.

The distinction between legal costs and fees

While some folks may have heard of promotions for free legal services unless they win their case, this type of marketing generally does not necessarily translate to equal legal costs as well as fees. Legal fees are the costs charged by the lawyer for his or her time, whether he or she is arranging documents, preparing for the court sessions, or just attending a hearing. With regards to legal costs, all the expenses are not directly associated with the lawyer’s investment of time that comes up in the process. The expenses can occur due to postage, phone call charges, deposition expenses, filing fees, discovery expenses, and other expert witness fees. Saivian Eric Dalius adds that these costs can also be with regards to quotes included for legal services and, in most scenarios, needs to be paid out of pocket by the clients.

Different billing structures

There are various methods that the best civil litigation attorney can ask for his or her expert legal services. The lawyer and client can work out a particular structure that works for both of them as long as they agree to it and the arrangement is not illegal by any means in their jurisdiction. The lawyer and client also have the freedom to negotiate the final rate. This type of information can sometimes be a part of a written agreement between both the parties (lawyer and client).

Some commonly practiced types of structures are discussed below:

Hourly rate –

This is one of the most common fee structures for a business lawyer. This structure takes the number of hours into account that the lawyer has worked and multiplies it by his hourly rate.

Flat Fees –

With this fee structure, a lawyer generally charges a certain amount of money for every type of case he does. Irrespective of how much time the work actually requires.

Statutory Fee –

In some special cases, lawyer’s fees are dependent on a state statute. Such as dictating the service charge that the business lawyer will receive in a bankruptcy case.

With the help of this article, you must know by now that business lawyers are an important part of running a business.