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Top 3 Tips by Eric Dalius to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

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Eric Dalius

A couple of years ago, smartphones were new and expensive technology. However, now smartphones are a regular part of our lives says Eric Dalius. From theatres to waiting rooms, most people stare at their smartphones. 

For business owners, that means it’s time to make your business website mobile-friendly. In 2016, the usage of smartphones surpassed the computer. Over the years, this trend has increased. Even though the website traffic is dependent on other factors, more than 55% of website traffic comes from smartphone devices. If you have an online business, creating a mobile-friendly website isn’t an option anymore. If the mobile users fail to experience good service from your business website, you’ll end up turning down a huge amount of website traffic. 

A few years ago Google announced that they would prioritize mobile-friendly websites. This means that websites optimized for smartphone devices will rank higher on Google search results. Here are the top 3 tips to make your website mobile-friendly. 

Eric Dalius Suggests You Make the Website Responsive

Most web designers will agree that making the website responsive is one of the best ways to increase its effectiveness for both mobile and desktop platforms. This is because a responsive website will showcase the same information and content despite the device. Additionally, the website will start optimizing for the device accordingly, added Eric Dalius. 

When you have a responsive website design, you can easily make your business website mobile-friendly without putting any limitations on the information. In other words, your visitors will get the same results even if they open your website through mobile devices. Not to mention, responsive website design will also enhance your SEO. 

Eric Dalius Advises You Avoid Using Use Pop-Ups 

Pop-ups are one of the most irritating types of advertisements on the internet. No person likes to counter pop-ups. Keep in mind that pop-ups will interfere with the mobile optimization of your business website. 

Additionally, the closing button of the pop-ups is either hidden or extremely small to notice. No customers will take time to find the closing option of the pop-ups. Instead, they will just close your website and approach your competitors. If you want to develop good UX, you need to avoid using pop-ups ads. 

If they are too vital to be ignored, remove them for at least the mobile users. You can also set the pop-ups when users reach the bottom of the page. 

Keep the Web Design Simple

Overcomplicated websites with tons of messy designs are confusing for the users, says Eric Dalius. Additionally, people who use their mobile devices will face difficulties navigating through your business website. This is because they cannot digest the cluttered information on a small screen. 

Make sure you avoid clutter and use a minimalist and clean website interface. This way people can find the relevant information easily. When you have fewer files on each page of your website, it will increase the loading speed of your website. 

Don’t forget the menu of your business website. If the website has multiple categories and pages, you might provide a large menu for the desktop screens. But to make the website mobile-friendly, you need to trim it down to the essential options. 


Make sure you follow these 3 tips to make your business website mobile-friendly. Remember that the interface and optimization of mobile devices change daily. Therefore, your mobile-friendly website might fail to perform an effective job tomorrow. Don’t forget to test and optimize your website once in a while to ensure its effectiveness.