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Top 3 Tips by Eric Dalius to Understand Your Business Competition and Customers

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Eric Dalius

There are different opportunities for businesses to grow and expand, but perhaps one of the best ways to expand your business is by understanding the requirement of your customers. 

Understanding the customers is essential for any business. Business owners should provide continuous efforts to know about their audiences. This way they can know what type of products and services their audience wants, the prices they are willing to pay, and when they want the products. 

Another vital business step is evaluating the competitors and conducting a meticulous competitor analysis. When you gain a more comprehensive and objective understanding of your competitors and customers, you can receive valuable insights that will help you increase the growth of your business. 

Here are the top 3 tips that will help you know your customers and understand your competitors thoroughly. 

Use Syndicated Research, Suggests Eric Dalius

Using the web data to know about the surveys might seem a successful step, but you need to go further than that to understand your customers and competitors better. Motivating your customers to take part in surveys or using the data from your business website will provide you with a pool of information. Your business surveys will be answered by your positive, responsive, and loyal customers. Even though website analytics showcase customer activity, most of the time they miss the needs of the potential customers, says Eric Dalius

Syndicated or various third-party researches can help you tap into the trends of your potential customers. Conducting market research to define your customers on various levels will allow you to determine the demand of your business’s offerings. Whether you’re promoting your existing products or launching new services, market research is essential to get a 360-degree view. 

Eric Dalius Recommends You Conduct a Competitive Analysis

Understanding your main competitors as well as their potency and weaknesses is another essential business step you need to remember. This way you can develop personalized growth strategies for your business. Additionally, this is also one of the best methods to differentiate your offerings. 

When analyzing the competitors of your business, make sure you consider the following factors:

  • Who are the primary participants of their business industry? What is their aim at the market share?
  • Which offerings of their business are loved by most customers? And why?
  • What type of services and products do they offer to their customers? What is their proposition in value?
  • Also, What are their significant strengths and weaknesses? 
  • What strategies can be implemented to stand your brand image apart from them?

6 Questions about Your Customers

While evaluating the requirement of your customers, you need to understand them perfectly, added Eric Dalius. Therefore, you need to ask some key questions to know about the purchasing decision and needs of your customers. Make sure you ask these six key questions about your potential customers:

  • Who are your potential audiences or customers?
  • What are the products your customers want to purchase?
  • When do the customers want to purchase something from your business? 
  • Where will the customers go if they don’t satisfy with your products? 
  • What payment methods the customers will choose?
  • What amount of prices the potential customers are willing to pay?


These are the top 3 tips to understand your business competition and customers. Do you have any questions you like to be answered? Comment down below.