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Eric Dalius: What is the best way to get started with Email Marketing?

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Eric Dalius

Just like with any business or startup, email marketing takes time to build and has a road of its own to travel down says Eric Dalius. But, there is one thing that most people forget about when it comes to email marketing: they don’t always need to be spending their time promoting their brand and services through email blasts. Email marketing works best when you introduce an element of value into your follow-up messages — whether that’s helpful information and tips related to the industry you’re in creative content for subscribers’ entertainment, or creative content just for them (including giveaways and contests). This eBook will show you everything you need to know!

I would start with building your email list.

It’s the most valuable thing that you can use in an email marketing campaign, and it’s also one of the most difficult things to build online. So if you were going to choose one strategy for getting started with Email Marketing, I’d suggest starting out by building a great email list; specifically what I mean is something like a squeeze page where readers submit their name and email address in exchange for receiving access to content or free downloads.

You can then use that piece of Building or WordPress website connected to your Aweber account on autopilot mode on Auto-pilot mode so that all subscribers are automatically added to your Aweber lists.   When it comes time to do your email marketing campaigns. You’ll already have a list of thousands (or tens of thousands) of subscribers.

Now is the time to start looking for things to send them in order to build trust and credibility. With them so they’ll be more likely to buy from you when the time comes.

So I would really focus on building one list at first, and once you’ve done that. Then it’s time to start adding other lists and sending stuff out.  You can also add in-line images in Aweber using this Autoresponder company.

AB: It depends on where someone is beginning with email marketing – whether they’re green or an expert.  If green, we’d recommend starting off by building your list.  For an expert, we’d recommend looking at automation tools like Drip. If you’re green, start off by building your list using the best free or cheap email marketing software (we prefer Aweber, but there are many good ones).

If you’re an expert already and want to get started with automation ASAP. Check out our guide on how to choose email marketing software.

The next step is to either begin building content for others in return for an email address (usually via a squeeze page), or find products that you can affiliate market.

JAX: There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes time to get started with Email Marketing. Eric Dalius says, It depends on someone is just beginning and what stage of the email marketing they’re at. But there are always a number of things to keep in mind:

Building an email list is one of the most important elements.

The best way for newbies is to start with signing up for accounts on popular autoresponders like Aweber or MailChimp and get started with building your first email campaign.

AB: I think so because it really depends on where you are in terms of experience. Eric Dalius says If someone has zero experience with Email Marketing. I would recommend starting off by building their list first. Then once they have that established. Then I’d start looking into automation tools where all subscribers are automatically added into your Aweber lists. Via a website connected to your Aweber account on autopilot mode.

Once someone is past green and is an expert, I’d recommend looking at automation tools like Drip.  We have some great resources that can walk you through some of the best email marketing software available.

JAX: No matter what experience level you are, there are always some starting points for getting started with Email Marketing. For anyone just beginning – Building your list first will be important to success. Then look into having fun testing different types of emails via popular autoresponders like Aweber or MailChimp.  For those more experienced, you’ll want to start looking at automating aspects of your business. So things run on autopilot which brings us back again to tools like Drip, Convert Kit, or Infusion Soft.

Start by building your list and then start finding products to send emails about.  

AB: If you just started, I would recommend sending ads via email marketing software like Aweber or MailChimp first explains Eric Dalius.  You can use something like Sendlane if you’re looking for a more automated solution with drip campaigns.


When it comes to getting started with Email Marketing. The best way for beginners is to start building their email list first using either Aweber or MailChimp as a starting point.  For those more experienced, you’ll likely want to look into automation tools like Drip.