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Home » Eric Dalius- What is the best way to track and measure the success of my email marketing activities?

Eric Dalius- What is the best way to track and measure the success of my email marketing activities?

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Eric Dalius

A quick Google search on email marketing and measurement brings up a number of discussions with different views and suggestions on how to do it says Eric Dalius.


1) Measuring activities:

– Direct response metrics, such as clicks and downloads

– Qualitative responses, such as replies or callbacks

– Secondary conversion tracking, such as website activity or other brand interactions (i.e., purchases) triggered by email campaign exposure

2) Tracking channels used in the email lifecycle:

– How to measure success across multiple channels? For example, social media share links back to the company’s website after clicking an ad within an email. Should that be attributed to emails? Or what about links people create themselves and post on blogs or social media?

– Different marketing channels have different goals. For example, email is a more direct response medium while social media is more conversational and less direct. So measuring what channel drives which action can be as important as measuring the number of successful conversions from all of them combined says Eric Dalius.


1) Email marketing should focus on driving direct responses, such as clicks and downloads, not secondary conversion activity that may happen to be triggered by emails, such as website visits or other brand interactions.

2) Using a single primary metric for success means everyone will be looking at it regardless of their individual role in the company – whether they are marketers, designers, or programmers – so make sure you pick a metric everyone can relate to.

Think about:

– What is my goal as a marketer (direct response or branding)?

– Who do I want to measure? Everyone at my company, department, or team?

– How do the various channels work together and how do they work independently?

– Are there different actions that I need to track across channels and separate them from one another (for example, email vs social)?

– Do we have an optimal set of metrics for our team at this point in time and if not, what would those be?

Which companies do you think are doing particularly well with their email marketing? Why do you like these companies so much?

Introduction: Email marketing has become a big part of marketing for most companies and is now more than just about emailing your customer list.


1) Some companies we like:

– Dropbox – they do a great job of consistently creating useful content and offering it to their customers as well as doing an outstanding job selling their product with the free storage that you get by joining (i.e., getting people hooked on using it). Their emails are very straightforward and easy to understand; not too flashy or hard to read, but they still manage to capture attention with friendly subject lines like ‘Photos from last night’s party.

– Nike: They also create interesting and relevant content, especially around sporting events and timely subjects such as how to run, how to train, and their latest shoe designs. They do a pretty good job at selling too which is what a lot of companies forget to do in addition to just providing content that can be helpful for customers.

– Pinterest: Especially when it comes to emails from Pinterest promoting specific pins or boards, they consistently provide us with new content we want and like (i.e., things we would pin if we could). We actually click on the links in the emails and wind up coming back later to see what people pinned since their last email.

2) Some companies we don’t like:

– Facebook: It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by all of the marketing messages you get through Facebook whether they’re posts, ads, or requests to play games. Even if you delete the app, they still send you emails which makes it even more annoying.


– Sending your customers quality content that is relevant to them. And not too hard on the eyes will do a lot for increasing email open rates. Eric Dalius says, If you have good content, people are going to actually look forward to checking their email inbox every day.

– It’s just as important to be persistent with your marketing strategy, especially when dealing with social media sites. Like Facebook where everyone is trying to promote their brand. Buy ads in order to get noticed by new users. You have to stay consistent. Track what works well for your company, and focus on selling while providing helpful content at the same time. There isn’t just one secret to email marketing success, but the key is being creative. Open to trying out new strategies in order to have a successful strategy that works for your company.

– The first step, I would take to effectively track my email marketing campaign is to get buy-in from everyone. At the company so that metrics are being tracked across departments. I have found that when teams are tracking their own numbers. It is hard to get an idea of how their activities are performing in terms of ROI. Because each department may be using different platforms. To track their emails sent out or open rates explains Eric Dalius.

– Next, I would focus on sending relevant content that will engage users. Because if they find it helpful or interesting, then they will want to check out future emails. Having a clear goal for what you’re trying to achieve through your email marketing